Winter Break: Police, Parking, and Access Control on Campus

December 23rd – January 1st: Police, Parking, and Access Control on Campus

The UNTHSC Police and Communications (Dispatch) will be available 24/7 during the winter break. The Police Department is always committed to your safety and security on campus.

If you plan on leaving your car on campus during the winter break the Police Department suggests that you leave our vehicle in one of the three designated parking garages. If you only have a surface permit, and you would prefer leaving your vehicle in a garage, the PD will offer the Modlin Garage for your vehicle. Please call ext. #2600 and the dispatcher will assist in coordinating with you.

Although campus will be closed for the winter break, the PD understands that individuals will still require access to buildings, work areas, and office space in order to complete essential tasks, duties, and functions. If you experience any issues with access control (badge access) please call ext. #2600 and the dispatcher/police officer will assist you.

*PD will be performing tests on the access control system on the morning of Saturday, December 21st between the hours of 8a-11a.