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We are almost at the finish line – who will come out on top? Campus Cultural Assessment

Message to HSC Faculty, Staff and Students
From the HSC RISE Team (Redefining Inclusive Solutions for Equity)

We are down to the final days of the Campus Cultural Assessment! The Assessment will close soon. It is time for a friendly game of completion. Using some famous slogans to help us Discover, Embrace and Inspire each other to greatness.

Team Faculty continues to lead with 46%. Their “Breakfast of Champions” has them coasting to the finish line.

Team Staff is closing the gap with 34%. Their “Can You Hear Me Now?” approach keeps them right on the heels of Team Faculty.

Team Student is picking up pace with 11%. Their “America Runs on Dunkin” attitude is pushing them forward.

Who will come out on top? Who will say, “Because You’re Worth It”?

There is still time for those team members who have not responded. Hearing directly from you through this assessment helps us focus on our people and being a Best Place for All.​ Check for the email sent on May 3 titled, “HSC Campus Cultural Assessment – your invitation to complete the survey” – Share your thoughts today! For those who have completed the assessment, you will no longer receive emails from Hanover.

​The assessment takes about 5 minutes to complete and is confidential. We encourage you to share your thoughts/insights on the HSC cultural community.​

​If you have any questions, did not receive the Hanover email, or accidentally deleted it, please email and the survey link will be sent to you.

Thank you!

The RISE Team