Walk/Run/Cycle with Team HSC – June 6

On Wednesday, June 6, Team HSC will be celebrating Global Running Day with a run/walk/cycle event on campus! We will meet at 6:30 AM in the Library Courtyard.

RSVP HERE: https://orgsync.com/50613/events/2402289/occurrences/5727334

A 1-mile and 3-mile route will be provided for walkers/runners.
A 5-mile and 10-mile route will be provided to cyclist.

Feel free to choose whatever route suites you best or create your own route. We welcome all levels of runners/walkers/cyclist as well as adult friends and family. The important thing is that you have fun being active, and you inspire others to join you!

Take the individual pledge to run, walk, or cycle with Team HSC HERE. If you cannot join us Wednesday morning, please pledge to run a lap around your block, take your dog for a long walk, or call your friends for a pick-up game in the park.

Refreshments will be provided. Fitness Center showers (on campus) will be available to participants.

RSVP HERE: https://orgsync.com/50613/events/2402289/occurrences/5727334