Update: staff evaluation overall score

HSC Staff and Staff Supervisors –

Following the conclusion of the FY 2022 staff evaluation program, we have developed a process to accurately document and acknowledge the overall staff performance evaluation score in order to correct the glitch in the original calculation of the overall evaluation score. HR has extracted the individual scores for each evaluated item and has calculated the accurate overall score based on a formula computing the weighted average of the results from the following evaluation sections: Individual Objectives & Key Results Assessment (10% weight), Team Objectives & Key Results Assessment (25% weight), and Global Objectives Assessment (65% weight).

Calculated overall scores for each staff team member included in the HSC FY 2022 Performance Evaluation Program will be sent via email to supervisors, and a new program will open in PeopleAdmin titled “HSC FY 2022 Performance Score Verification.”

The HSC FY 2022 Performance Score Validation program will consist of two steps in PeopleAdmin:

  1. The supervisor will receive an email from HR with the accurate overall score for each of their team members. The supervisor will log in to [jobs.untsystem.edu/portal]PeopleAdmin, enter the calculated overall score, enter comments if desired, and select “Complete” to submit the overall rating to the staff team member.
  2. The staff team member will receive an email notification from PeopleAdmin when they are able to log in and acknowledge the overall score.

This program will open on Wednesday, September 14, and we request that these two steps be completed by September 20th.

Please contact HSC.HR@untsystem.edu with any additional questions you may have. We appreciate your cooperation with completing these final steps!

Your HSC HR Team