Update on search for Vice President-Research: Interviews Nov. 6-9

(Emailed to all faculty and staff on Oct. 24, 2017, on behalf of the UNTHSC VPR Search Committee)

Dear Stakeholders of the UNT Health Science Center,

The Vice President for Research (VPR) Search Team is pleased to announce November 6-9 as the dates when we will interview finalists for the Vice President for Research leadership position. We value your input into this key decision. Please mark your calendars and attend one of our sessions.

Our team appreciates your feedback and engagement in this important step toward our One University visionary goal. The focus groups, one-on-one discussions, and online survey provided valuable feedback from more than 200 faculty and staff. This produced meaningful dialogue leading to the creation of selection criteria, screening and interview questions, and evaluation and feedback instruments. Most importantly, it helped calibrate the committee to zero in on the attributes and experiences we all believe are most important for our next research leader.

We now ask your engagement as we host finalists to campus. The Faculty Senate has and continues to shape our thoughts on how best to organize the campus visits. We would like to thank its members for providing input to achieve a successful search.

We are aware of the challenging task in organizing a campus visit. It will take many people to help us pull this together in a thoughtful way, and to those individuals, we thank you in advance. We will send more information as we finalize the logistics and candidates’ schedules.

Charles Taylor, PharmD, Chair, VPR Search Team
Dean, UNT System College of Pharmacy