Upcoming migration: AppXtender to Perceptive Content

Previously, you received an email from the Provost advising that the HSC Library is partnered with UNT
System IT Imaging Services and Project Management Office resources to lead a migration of data from
AppXtender to the Perceptive Content platform.

Who Is Impacted?
All departments across HSC that use AppXtender for digital document storage and access.

What Is the Impact?
All data currently stored and accessed in AppXtender will need to be dispositioned and any remaining
documents will be migrated to Perceptive Content.

Current Action to Take
To make the transition as efficient as possible impacted areas should immediately begin taking inventory
of all documents in AppXtender, disposition any that no longer need to be retained per the applicable
retention policy, and identify points of contact who are most knowledgeable about the use of
AppXtender by their respective departments.

To prepare for this work, the responsibility to organize the current data will fall to each department. This
may include tasks such as locating all data subject to the retention policy or defining data fields.


  • What is Perceptive Content? Perceptive Content is a digital document management tool that
    enables comprehensive information management.
  • How will accessing my data be different in Perceptive Content? Desktop client or web access is
  • When will my data be migrated? This will depend on how soon your team can achieve a ready
    state to begin working with the project delivery team. This is accomplished by successfully
    dispositioning any documents that have met or exceeded retention requirements, and
    documents that do not require migration.

Next Steps
The library has been contacting each department that has documents in AppX and have been
collaborating on the process to disposition documents.

Additional Questions?

  • Technical questions about the migration should be addressed to Tracy Hansen, System IT Imaging Services
  • Records retention inquiries should be directed to Ramona Holmes, HSC Library.

Thank you for your collaboration and support in making our business processes more efficient and