UNTHSC School of Public Health (SPH) and the North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI) announce strategic collaboration to advance eye/vision health

Almost a decade ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Eye Institute (NEI), along with other partners asked the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to conduct a consensus study on the current and potential roles of public health in addressing the burden of blindness and vision impairment, and the conditions, diseases, and injuries that cause them. The publicly-available report recommended, among other actions, to:

-Establish Eye and Vision Health as a National Priority
-Promote Greater Public Awareness
-Enhance Public Health Capacities to Support Vison-related Activities

In response, the UNTHSC School of Public Health (SPH) and the North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI) are pleased to announce a new strategic collaboration aimed at understanding and addressing the root causes of health inequities, accelerate discoveries, advance implementation science to bridge the know-do gap, and create effective, sustainable solutions and treatments and impactful community engagement initiatives to foster eye and vision health.

This strategic relationship will help underpin Drs. Dharamsi and Karamichos ambitious plans to accelerate health and technological advancements and to support our communities. Our partnership will bring together an interprofessional, transdisciplinary group of educators, researchers, practitioners, students and staff dedicated to promoting health equity. Operating within the HSC campus, SPH and NTERI will launch several joint initiatives that will bring together faculty, students, staff, and community partners to create health solutions and help advance the quality and conditions of life in our communities.

We hope that you will all embrace these initiatives and help us transform the lives of many for years to come.