UNT System Connect launches; HSC Connect to go live March 18

The UNT System Enterprise launched UNT System Connect this morning, Jan. 24, marking a significant milestone in communication – both campuswide and systemwide. Faculty and staff can access Connect through the Connect icon located in the top left corner of the Teams sidebar menu. Starting today, you’ll be able to see the UNT System and UNT Dallas Connect pages. UNT Denton will launch Feb. 13, and HSC will launch March 18.

Each university will have a dedicated Connect page to access information about their campus, events and programs. When HSC Connect goes live on March 18, you will be able to access it through the global navigation at the top of the Connect homepage. We encourage you to use HSC Connect to share what is going on in each program, college, department and institute.

Connect is a comprehensive platform serving as a centralized location for faculty and staff to access news, updates, essential information and employee resources. Connect is set to increase both employee connectedness and engagement – creating a more cohesive university system – as well as information security and equal access to information for all employees.

Connect offers numerous benefits, bringing a united employee experience across the UNT Enterprise:

  • Ease of Access: Faculty and staff will have seamless and customized access to the information they need with UNT System Connect. Employees will be able to easily access UNT System Connect through their PC or Mac with Teams or SharePoint, on their mobile device through the Teams or SharePoint apps, or through individually tailored news emails from UNT System Connect delivered directly to their inbox.
  • Real-Time Notifications and Updates: Users can stay informed with real-time notifications and alerts on important announcements, events and changes, ensuring they are always up to date.
  • Personalized Content Curation: Faculty and staff can follow UNT System Connect and their respective campus site to receive news and updates tailored just for them; however, all employees have access to information from across the UNT System Enterprise, fostering greater transparency and collaboration. Once a user follows a site, UNT System Connect will automatically curate user-specific news in a feed in either Teams or SharePoint.
  • Efficient Time Management: Users can reduce the time spent searching for information and resources, as UNT System Connect streamlines access to what they need. With UNT System Connect, all the latest news and information users need will be at their fingertips.

As we get closer to the launch, you will receive updates with additional information about HSC Connect. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact: webmaster@unthsc.edu.