Two forms sent to eligible employees regarding health insurance

If you are eligible to receive coverage or enrolled in coverage in the last year through the Employees Retirement System health plan (United Healthcare), two forms regarding the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) have been mailed to you:

-Form 1095-C from the UNT System Administration
-Form 1095-B from United Healthcare.

Both were mailed to the preferred address that you have provided to United Healthcare and to UNT System Human Resources.

Form 1095-C states that the UNT System has offered to eligible employees health care benefits that meet ACA standards for coverage and affordability, and that the System has reported its offering to the Internal Revenue Service.

Form 1095-C will not list any covered dependents you may have under United Healthcare. Also, if you did not elect coverage, but you were offered coverage, the form will state the coverage that you were offered.

Form 1095-B will list the covered employee and his or her covered dependents who were enrolled last year with United Healthcare. IRS requires health insurers to report medical coverage provided to enrollees and their covered dependents. If you opted out or waived ERS or any Texas Employees Group Benefits medical coverage, you will not receive a Form 1095-B.

IRS rules clearly state that the forms are not required by employees for filing income tax returns – employees can keep the forms with other tax document records.

For more information, view frequently asked questions provided by ERS: