Three Training Opportunities for Flexible Work Arrangement Coming this November!

Informational Sessions
November 9th , 10AM-11AM in EAD 291
November 28th, 2PM-3PM in EAD 291

Our informational sessions cover information that will help participants know their role, rights and responsibilities regarding the Flexible Work Arrangement Policy and will be given resources to help them navigate the policy and its guidelines.

Managing Remote Workers
November 29th, 2PM-4PM in EAD 291

Supervisors can support and manage their team members who are working remotely through establishing trust and constant communication. During this session participants will discover the right tools, resources, and situations needed to have a successful remote working relationship.​

All of these sessions are available to register for via the Learning Portal.

To register:
Go to the Learning Portal. Use “Find Learning” and search for the course title. Click the “Enroll” button.

Use the HR Talent Management website for more information on using the Learning Portal.

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