The HSC Career Center is more READY than ever
July 1, 2021

The HSC Career Center is more READY than ever! That’s right—you heard it here first—the Career Center is now The Career Readiness Center.” This name change more strongly reflects the nature of how our students are preparing themselves more seamlessly throughout their academic, clinical, co-curricular, and experiential learning encounters in alignment with the expectations of their future employers. Without question, the power of purposeful career development activities and resources continues to become a more integral part of graduate education that transforms student into professional.

Our Mission
The HSC Career Readiness Center strives to support, challenge, and empower all students and alumni to be career ready in order that they may ultimately achieve fulfillment in pursuit of their uniquely-defined career path.

We will accomplish this by the following:

• Implement visionary means to facilitate student, alumni, and employer success;
• Serve all HSC schools and disciplines equally and collaboratively to contribute to our One University;
• Deliver extraordinary services that engage and educate students;
• Promote community interconnectivity and outreach;
• Be premier resource for Career Readiness.

The campus location, URL, and contact information for the Career Readiness Center remains the same, as do our fundamental services:

However, did you know that we over a variety of “new and improved” resources specifically designed for today’s evolving job market? These enhanced services include:


…and of course, all the ongoing personal advising and campus programming you have come to expect.

Students: Are you ready to be CAREER READY?