The Fruits of 2018 Seed Grants: talks by Dr. Licciardone, Dr. Rickards, Dr. Liu and Dr. Uteshev

The Office of Research Development & Commercialization invites you to attend “The Fruits of 2018 Seed Grants”, a series of talks, where seed grants awardees present the results of their projects.

The second seminar of the series features Dr. John Licciardone, and Dr. Caroline Rickards.
Dr. John Licciardone will present his project “Genetic and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Widespread Pain and its Management” and
Dr. Alexander Rosenberg will present Dr. Caroline Rickards’ project “Vascular Function Following Blood Flow Restriction Exercise Training”.
Refreshments will be provided.

When: Monday, April 22nd at 2PM.
Where: LIB-110.

The third seminar of the series features Dr. Jin Liu, and Dr. Victor Uteshev.
Dr. Jin Liu will present her project “Development of Allosteric Modulators to Enhance CRISPR-Cas9 Specificity” and
Dr. Victor Uteshev will present his project “Therapeutic efficacy of EPGN973 after ischemic brain injury in rats”.
Refreshments will be provided.

When: Thursday, May 9th at 10 AM.
Where: LIB-110.