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From the HSC News Office

Dealing with COVID-19 over the past 22 months has taken a significant toll on all of us in every aspect of our lives. As soon as we experience a moment of optimism, there’s another pandemic wave that impacts our lives.

How you cope with the emotional and physical stress of the pandemic impacts your well-being and the well-being of those around you and should not be taken lightly. Recent polls indicate that many of us are feeling pandemic fatigue, defined as “being angry, exhausted, frustrated or just plain fed up with disruptions to your life as well as your family and friends’ lives.”

The most important thing to remember is you are not alone. In addition to the support of your leadership and coworkers, HSC has many confidential resources available to you:

Regardless of how bleak it seems at times, we are in a much different position than we were at this time last year as we now have vaccines, boosters and new viral treatments available to us. We will eventually get to the other side of this situation, but until then, we encourage you to reach out to those around you to ask for and provide support, be kind to one another, and make your mental and physical well-being a top priority.