SVI Huygens-Microscopy Image Processing and Analysis software Training on Thursday, January 26, from 10AM-12PM

Microscopy Core has added SVI Huygens – Image processing and analysis software to its toolkit.

Upcoming Vendor Training on Jan 26th, 2023, 10.00AM-12.00PM

Training Format:
Basic Introduction:  45Min
Hands on:  45Min
Advanced Demonstration:  30 Min
Questions:  5-10 Mins
Users will be provided with 2 weeks temporary license for the training.
Last day to register for the training: Tuesday, Jan 23, 2023
Please email to register for the training

  • Software Options/Feature available:
    Huygens Essential:
    • Workflow Processor for designing workflows for batch processing many single images and folders with microscopy data.
    • Includes ‘on the fly’ PSF calculation based on the parameters of the datasets.
    • Various 2D/3D Visualization tools: Twin Slicer with measurement tools, Orthogonal Slicer, SFP Volume rendering, MIP projection, possibilities to render up to poster size.
  • Deconvolution of widefield & Brightfield, confocal and Airyscan image:
    • Designed to take into account the optical properties of all brands of widefield & brightfield microscopes, confocal and array detector for Huygens optimal PSF calculation and deconvolution.
    • This option also includes a check and correction for bleaching and lamp/illumination instability in both Z stacks and time series.
  • Object Analyzer:
    • Interactive analysis of objects in your data with intuitive Anchor and ROI selections.
  • SFP With Surface Renderer:
    • Surface rendering reconstructions of your volumetric 3D multi-channel and time-series image data.
  • Moviemaker:
    • Creates sophisticated combined animations from the MIP and SFP renderer interfaces.
  • Time Option:
    • Viewing and cropping in 4D.
    • This Option corrects for bleaching over time for all types of microscopes and in addition corrects for Z-drift over time for all datasets.

If you have any question, please contact: