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Support your favorite cause by giving during the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC)

You can help support food banks, homeless or domestic violence shelters, job training programs targeting veterans, and other community programs, with a gift to the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC).

The SECC, which began Oct. 1 and continues through Oct. 31, serves as an annual workplace giving campaign for state employees and allows team members to designate their gift to a local, state, or national charity of their choice.

For additional information regarding the SECC please visit:

Team members may choose to make their gift online (a new feature this year!) or submit a hard copy form. To make your gift ONLINE visit:

SECC forms are available at the following locations:
• EAD 802: Office of Institutional Advancement, contact Ashley O’Beirne
• CBH 345: GSBS, contact Carla Johnson
• RES 302: College of Pharmacy, contact Brenda Sihotang
• SSC 220: Student Services, contact Monica Castillo
• MET 300: TCOM, reception desk
• FMB 115: Facilities Management, contact Mary Solorio
• LIB 204: Located at Service Desk
• EAD 280: Human Resources

Please keep the pink copy of the form, and route the white and yellow copies via inter-office mail to EAD 280.

If you have any additional questions email:

Thank you for your consideration and all you do to create healthier communities!