Super Resolution Microscope Demonstration 9/17-9/20

In FY19, the Division of Research and Innovation will purchase a new high-resolution confocal microscope for the Microscopy Core Facility. To aid in that purchase decision, three candidate instruments have been scheduled for demonstrations on campus.

After an initial seminar, there will be opportunities for small group, hands-on demonstrations using investigator-provided samples or vendor-provided samples. Demonstration slots will be limited to 3-4 people at a time and offered in 90-minute intervals. An RSVP will be required for both the seminar and hands-on demonstration.

The second of these demonstrations will be of the Nikon A1R-MP+ Multiphoton System

Please RSVP to either the 10 or 11 AM seminar by noon on 9/14 using this link-

Please RSVP for a 90 minute demonstration on 9/17-9/20 using this link-