Super Resolution Confocal Training opportunity on 02/12/20, Wednesday 2:00 PM

This is an opportunity to have lab members participate in our monthly training session on the Inverted Zeiss LSM 880 AiryScan Microscope (Super resolution image capture capability). For information on the microscope check out our Microscopy Core Facility Website:

Light Microscopy Resources

This training session will be held on February 12th, 2020 at 2:00 PM. We have only 4 spots left for trainees. It will be a 2.5-hour session and the charge will be $40 per person.

Once this training session has been completed, trainees will be able to use the microscope with assistance ($65/hour) until they have demonstrated an appropriate level of proficiency in the use of this microscope. Then they will be able to use the microscope independently at a charge of $35/hour.

Training will be offered monthly so if you don’t need training right away, look out for further announcements in the Daily News and on the core webpage:

Microscopy Core Facility

Please email with further questions or with the names and email addresses of the lab members you wish to participate in this training session along with the chart string to cover the training session charges.