Student Food Pantry needs your donations!

It’s been open only five weeks, but already the food pantry serving students has had 45 visits and has given out nearly 60 pounds of food.

Stocks are running low. The pantry relies on donations from team members.

Various offices are stepping up with food drives (see below). But in the meantime, while you’re out shopping this holiday weekend, please consider picking up a few things. Bring them to the Student Services Center, Suite 220.

All non-perishables are welcome. The greatest current needs are:
– peanut butter
– soup
– crackers
– cereal
– oatmeal
– granola bars

Other needs and more info:

"Our students are so high-functioning that it can be hard to see when they are struggling," said Emily Mire, Director of Student Services . "Some of our students, many of whom have children, often find they run out of money for food at the end of the month, or they encounter other unexpected emergencies. They don’t need long-term assistance, but a little help during rough spots can make a huge difference in their lives and their families’ lives."

Burned out of his home, and hungry:

You’d never know it based on academic standings, but the CARE Team encountered a student who’d been living on campus with a family member for several days due to a fire in their apartment.

The landlord refused to make repairs, the student was hungry and had limited funds–but was determined not to interrupt his education.

The CARE Team jumped into action and found services to help the student and his family member until they got back on their feet. Since then, the student has graduated from UNTHSC and has achieved his goal of entering the medical profession.

Mire said similar student challenges happen more often than you might think.

Your team can sign up for a food drive:

The food pantry is currently taking sign-ups for offices that want to commit to hosting a month-long drive. Already signed up:

September: School of Public Health
October: Center for Academic Performance

"While we welcome donations year round, we also want to try and make sure that we always know there is an intentional food drive happening at the same time," Mire said. "It has been so neat to see our campus take care of its own. I think it sends a powerful message to our students that we care and want them to be well so they can do well and serve others."

To sign up for a food drive or for any questions not answered on the pantry website, please email or call 817-735-5172.