Student Customer Service Training: “Communication Essentials” – April 20, 21, and 30

For Students: The Career Center has partnered with a representative team of Student Affairs and Human Resources staff to develop and implement a comprehensive Student Customer Service Training program called ?Serve Other First: Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Values.?

The curriculum is broken into four distinct modules that cover major tenets of customer service while also integrating the UNTHSC Values into the discourse. The four modules are as follows:
? Introduction to Customer Service (Module I)
? Communication Essentials (Module II)
? Preventing and Diffusing Challenging Situations (Module III)
? Respect (Diversity) (Module IV)

After completion of beta testing on volunteer student audiences and a few refinements, the training modules are now being offered to all students on campus–in particular, these training sessions are designed with student employees in mind. Each module will conclude with a ?Values Review? quiz that the participant will have to pass to demonstrate mastery of the content and receive credit for the corresponding module. Those students who successfully complete all four modules will be awarded a certificate.

The training sessions pick up with Module II, “Communication Essentials” on April 20, 21, and 30, and will conclude with the fourth Module during the last week of May. All sessions are offered over the noon hour. To view the schedule and to sign up for a time, please see the Google Sheet:

For more information, contact the Career Center at or (817) 735-5020.