State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) – Only 2 weeks left to donate online
October 19, 2020

Only two weeks left to pledge. Join your co-workers who care about their community and are committed to work alongside vetted community partners to create an environment of opportunity for all.

You can help improve people’s lives by giving through the SECC. Make your pledge online!

Sign-up – First time donors, create a new account…returning donors log-in
🎁 Select Your Charities – Tell us what areas of people’s lives that you want to make a difference
🙌 Choose Your Impact – You determine the amount that you want to contribute

Click here to give online:

Please click here for a short video regarding how to make an online pledge.


For more than 25 years, State of Texas employees have embraced fellow Texans through the SECC by contributing millions of dollars each year…one gift at a time.

State, higher education, and retired employees in Texas have contributed more than $182 million since 1994 to charities providing services that make our state stronger.

None of us could do it alone; it takes all of us working together to help make Texas strong.

By giving through the State Employee Charitable Campaign during the past 25 years, state and higher education employees have provided meals to hungry children, service dogs for our veterans, support for cancer survivors, and more.

This year, HSC employees can contribute online to one or more of the 1,300+ local and statewide charities that are working to ensure that all Texas neighborhoods and communities thrive.

Last year, 32,000 employees across Texas contributed through the SECC accounting for $7.1 million contributed to food banks, homeless or domestic violence shelters, job training programs targeting veterans, and other community programs. On average, employees gave $219. These charitable contributions translated directly to increased community services to keep Texans healthy, safe, and strong.

State employee charitable giving through SECC keeps Texas strong and a strong SECC means that more state employees will have the opportunity to invest in their neighborhoods and communities in the years ahead.