Start using our new intranet now?the original intranet disappears on Oct. 17

To get to our new intranet, called Insite, just click on the ad on the original site or go here:

We’ve redesigned it with input from all over the organization, and it’s ready for you to start taking advantage of features like these:
  – Searchability
  – Easy access from off-campus (VPN is not required)
  – The latest employee news
  – Links organized into logical categories
  – More information at your fingertips
  – Most-used links located at the top of the page-and easily available wherever you go on the site
  – Improved directory
  – Updated list of department websites
  – Searchable list of all the links and applications on the site

If it’s your first time to visit the site, you can take the digital tour. And check out the lead story to learn even more about the site and the story of its creation.

If you have suggestions for improvement, just use the "send feedback" button at the bottom of each page.

After Oct. 17 the original intranet will redirect traffic to Insite.

Questions? Just email