Spending guidance from UNTHSC Interim CFO Gregory Anderson

This message was emailed on July 14, 2016:

HSC Faculty and Staff,

As you should be aware, a new accounting software, PeopleSoft 9.2, was launched on March 1st. As with any new system, there have been some bumps (mountains) that have hindered the financial reporting process.

In my first week here, I made sure the System Finance staff was aware of the multiple issues facing the HSC regarding the new PeopleSoft 9.2 accounting software. Because of the glitches in the system, we have now just closed the books for the month of May.

I know the confidence level is not high regarding the integrity of the financial balances reflected for each department.

Procurement Services will be sending out a notification of year end purchasing deadlines, which should include:
   • ePro requisitions of amounts greater than $25,000 require formal bids and will need to be received sometime in late July.
   • ePro Requisitions of $25,000 or less using FY16 funds will need to be created and approved by mid-August, probably August 17th.
   • PCard Transactions using FY16 funds will need to be completed no later than August 19, 2016.

Due to the numerous issues we are facing, I am enlisting your help for August. My request is to please refrain from any requisitions or p-card purchases during August that would be charged against FY16 funds, unless absolutely necessary.

The risk of overspending balances can be mitigated by your cooperation with this request. Submit requisitions and utilize your P-Card for the remainder of July, but please refrain from these categories of transactions using FY16 funds during August.

Once September gets here, please use your p-cards and make any requisitions as you normally would. I apologize for having to request this measure, I hope you understand this is a one-time request due to unforeseen problems with the new system.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Gregory R. Anderson
Interim Chief Financial Officer
UNT Health Science Center