Services Available through the Pharmaceutical Analysis Core Lab

Do you need to characterize, identify, analyze or quantitate small molecules in your samples? Let the College of Pharmacy help!

Here are some of the services we are able to provide:

• NMR Spectroscopy (Bruker 300 MHz NMR),
• Particle Analysis (Malvern Zetasizer Ultra and Mastersizer 3000E particle analyzers),
• High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (Time-of-Flight LC/MS),
• Analysis of samples from biodistribution studies, stability studies, nanoparticle drug loading (QQQ LC/MS),
• Powder X-ray Diffractometry (Bruker D2 Phaser XRD),
• Differential Scanning Calorimetry (TA Instruments DSC 250) and
• Thermogravimetric Analysis (TA Instruments TGA 550)

Let us know how we may help you. Additional information may be found on our website at the link below, or contact us:

Jianmei Wang –, 817-735-0679

Donna Coyle –, 817-735-0688