Senior Administrator, After Action Review – please welcome Brendan Kelly

I am pleased to announce that we have hired Brendan Kelly, MBA, to fill the role of Senior Administrator, After Action Review, in the Office of the President. Some of you may know Brendan from his role here at HSC as Senior Recruiter, in Human Resources. Brendan has twenty plus years leading, teaching and facilitating the AAR process, while serving in the US Army. Additionally, he has served as a Leadership Education teacher providing high school students with knowledge of how to analyze events and plans.

Leading from our core values, Brendan will provide a structured AAR process for analyzing various projects and events across campus, to identify strengths and opportunities from planning, execution, and completion.

Below are some of the essential functions of his role:

• Build relationships with partners across the campus to learn and share best practices on operational, academic, research, and collaborative projects/programs.
•Provide support to campus community to conduct, study, and replicate AAR practice.
•Identifies opportunities to implement AARs across HSC.
•Facilitate discussion of specific event(s) based on objectives, performance measures and the initiative/project intent. Reviews the plan (what was supposed to happen) and analyzes what actually happened during execution. Provides a summary of strengths, opportunities, and recommendations.
•Review key points and issues; track and validate findings to ensure they are appropriately addressed.
•Works with datasets to understand and analyze decision making processes in After Action Review Reports.
•Conducts formal and informal AARs after previously identified events or as on-the-spot coaching tools while reviewing individual and team performance.
•Maintains ownership of tasks and/or project workstreams while providing support and guidance.
•Assist in the design of project scope and provide subject matter expertise on the tasks and workstreams.
•Interact directly with partners to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of work performance for stakeholder engagement and business process improvement.
•Create corresponding deliverables to convey results, including but not limited to slide decks, written reports, and presentations.

I will be working with Brendan to design a mechanism by which departments across campus can schedule an AAR.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Dr. Sylvia Trent-Adams
EVP & Chief Strategy Officer