Seeking graduate student for social media outreach position
February 3, 2021

The TESSA project is looking for a graduate research assistant to help with our bystander education outreach and recruitment processes. This position will not exceed 19 hours of work per week and will include working directly with the TESSA project team, supervised by the Program Manager.
The tasks for job include the following:
• Research, recruit, and help screen young adults to serve as social media influencers in promoting awareness of the Bringing in the Bystander (BITB) virtual training and sexual violence prevention.
• Become a trained facilitator in the BITB curriculum and virtual delivery techniques.
• Responsible for direct oversight and coordination of social media influencers to ensure appropriate content and deadlines are met.
• Work with TESSA Program Manager to administer referral incentives for participants that successfully complete the bystander training and evaluation.
• Participate in regular meetings with the TESSA bystander program team, check ins with Program Manager, and other planning meetings as required.
• Complete required documentation and time sheets in established timeframes
Interested applicants should send resume to Jessica Grace at