See Gallup Employee Engagement Survey results

Chief People Officer Steve Sosland sent this email on April 28, 2017:

Dear HSC Team,

I want to personally thank everyone who took time to complete the recent Gallup Employee Engagement Survey. Our next steps are to share results and ask teams to focus on actions that will create meaningful change at HSC.

We chose to use the Gallup organization to administer our 2017 survey because their product contains the 12 most researched engagement questions with over 15 million respondents in their database. This allows us to benchmark our mean scores with the highest engaged work teams in the world.

As we analyzed the results for the entire UNT Health Science Center, one question stood out for us to work to improve as an organization in the coming year:

In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.

We believe by focusing on improving in this area we have the opportunity to positively impact the highest number of HSC team members possible. I am asking each of you to work with your teams to establish an action plan to increase our praise and recognition for specific behaviors that move us forward toward our goals.

Additionally, teams may choose to work on improvement in other areas represented by the remaining questions on the survey. This toolkit will help you establish your action plans.

We will measure our progress by conducting a one question pulse survey during the summer and the annual Gallup engagement in January 2018.

Please go to the Office of People Development internet site to access the institutional and unit level survey results as well as the toolkit for setting up your team-specific training.

Warm regards,

Steve Sosland
Chief People Officer