“Sciences as Art” Event @ NTERI

Dear All,

Introduced in 2022, “Sciences as Art” @ NTERI has challenged our students/fellows to share their powerful and inspiring visual drawings. This annual event showcases the talented students/fellows at HSC/NTERI and provide a valuable connection between science, art, and our community.

“Sciences as Art” @ NTERI, is now a partnership with the HSC College of Pharmacy and the HSC Vice President for Research | Division of Research & Innovation.

Students and Postdocs are invited to showcase the artistic side of visual sciences by creating original artwork using dry-erase markers (provided by NTERI) on pre-selected white boards @ IREB 5th floor hall.

Submitted artwork will be judged on the following guidelines:
1. Artwork featuring visual system(s).
2. Artwork expresses a connection to scientific theories, concepts, or practices.
3. Artwork displays creativity and originality.
4. Overall artistic impact of work.

A juried panel using the above criteria will choose winning submissions and award prizes. This year’s awards include:
1. Director’s award.
2. VPR award.
3. HSC College of Pharmacy award.

The 2023 exhibition will be on display on the IREB 5th floor from February 15th to 24th (see attached). To participate you must RSVP by February 14th, by emailing Brenda: Brenda.Vasinirosell@unthsc.edu

Submissions advertising or marketing specific companies or commercial products are ineligible. The Sciences as Art organizers reserve the right to not include/allow any entries deemed inappropriate or in violation of university policy.
Science as Art organizers are available for consultation around any submissions in question.

All art has to be finalized and on display by the end of day – February 24th, in order to be eligible for the competition.

Please contact NTERI@unthsc.edu with questions.