?School versus Sleep: How to Protect Sleep During Busy Times? by Dr. Brandy M. Roane, Ph.D., CBSM

Course Title: Healthy Sleep in the 21st Century
Session Title: ?School versus Sleep: How to Protect Sleep During Busy Times?

Description: This session is for parents and students alike. The school year can be a busy time and getting adequate sleep is often hard to do. This session will help parents and students learn how much sleep is appropriate for each age-group and also some tools to assist in getting adequate sleep during those busy times. Facilitator: Dr. Brandy M. Roane, Licensed Psychologist, Certified Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at UNT Health Science Center Date: Monday, October 12th Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM Location: EAD-810

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