Save the Date! June Conference on Health Disparities, June 10-12, 2020!

The overall theme for the conference is “Community Approaches to Health Equity”. Health equity is achieved when every person has an opportunity to reach their full potential and no one is disadvantaged because of social circumstances or health disparities. Racial/ethnic minority populations, socioeconomically disadvantaged populations and rural populations continue to share disproportionate burden of diseases and adverse health conditions. Because disparities in health outcomes persist among these groups, action must be taken to understand how communities are engaged in identifying and addressing social determinants of health and improve conditions through changes at the local, state, and national level. This conference will provide evidence-based approaches to assess and respond to public health needs, develop a qualified workforce and data-driven models of successful implementation.

This conference will feature nationally recognized speakers, community leaders, and interactive debates highlighting the advances in the field of minority health and health disparities, and progress on eliminating health disparities. Educational and interactive presentations, panel discussions and questions/answer sessions will identify the challenges and assist attendees in defining and developing a prospectus for the future. The conference will also highlight the ongoing research programs and efforts including community engagement programs that are aimed to understand the underlying causes of such disparities and devising innovative strategies to ultimately eliminate them.