Resistance to Change in Research Data Management – FREE Webinar Friday August 3rd at 1pm (sponsored by the NNLM SCR)

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region housed at the Gibson D. Lewis Library would like to invite you to join us for a special webinar on Research Data Management.

On Friday August 3rd at 1pm CT, Amanda Rinehart, Data Management Librarian at the Ohio State University, will present Approaching Resistance to Change in Research Data Management. Registration is required, and can be completed at the link below. We invite any interested parties to join!

Description: Federal funding agencies now emphasize data sharing and reuse as part of the grant review process. However, difficulties in data sharing and reuse begin with basic data management practices. If data is not appropriately documented, organized, and readily available, then sharing cannot result in re-use. Appropriate data management may be a new expectations for many researchers, and as such, may require an individual to adopt, or invent, particular innovations. Many researchers do not know what is required to prepare their data, let alone how to incorporate more time-consuming tasks into their current workflows. Thus, researcher concerns regarding these new expectations needs to be assessed in order to provide appropriate educational interventions. This webinar will cover both work using the Concerns Based Adoption Method to identify specific researcher concerns and anecdotal experiences from working with researchers who are not yet comfortable with new data management practices.