To all UNTHSC Researchers:

Welcome to the new Fiscal Year 2017!

As you may recall, Federal regulations require the submission of an Annual Research Conflict of Interest (RCOI) Disclosure Statement. During the month of September, you will have the opportunity to complete and submit your required FY2017 Annual Disclosure Statement. Access to the required form is available at As usual, you will need to login with your EUID (ex. adc0050) and network password.

If you have already completed the RCOI Training, simply click on to submit your annual disclosure statement.

If you have not already completed the RCOI Training, you will be prompted to complete that special RCOI Training prior to submitting your RCOI disclosure.

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE RCOI TRAINING, PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOGIN TO TO SUBMIT YOUR FY2017 ANNUAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT. [Completing the training is only Step 1. . . you still need to do a disclosure.]

Detailed instructions for completing and submitting the required Annual Disclosure Statement can be found here.

Who needs to complete an Annual Disclosure Statement? Anyone engaged in research at UNTHSC including, but not limited to, administrators, faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, students, interns, residents, collaborators, subcontractors or consultants whose institutional responsibilities include the design, conduct, or reporting of research, funded or proposed for funding.

In addition, researchers are required to submit an amended Disclosure Statement within 30 days of discovering or acquiring a new Significant Financial Interest or other potential conflict of interest. Again, all forms are submitted through the Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure site at

Additional information regarding the UNTHSC Research Conflict of Interest Policy is available here.

If you have previously submitted a disclosure during the 2016 Fiscal Year and all of that information is unchanged, you will STILL HAVE TO re-indicate that information on your 2017 Annual Disclosure Statement.

For ANY questions about this process, including any log-in or disclosure/training questions please contact Susan Harlin in the Office of Research Compliance at 817-735-2742 or send her an email at

Thank you and we appreciate your patience and participation in this federally required process.