Request for Information: National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Strategic Vision Refresh

Notice Number: NOT-HL-23-118
Information Requested

For the refresh of the NHLBI Strategic Vision, this RFI invites input on the current relevance of the NHLBI strategic objectives and considering whether additional Compelling Questions (CQs) and Critical Challenges (CCs) are needed to address topics that have surfaced as priorities over the past five years to drive important scientific and health advances.

Compelling Questions are unanswered questions or poorly understood areas of research requiring NHLBI facilitation because their complexity exceeds the capacity of any single investigator-initiated program.

Critical Challenges are barriers or impediments to scientific progress, and overcoming these obstacles will result in significant impact.

The NHLBI Strategic Vision is inclusive of a broad portfolio of scientific ideas spanning basic through implementation sciences. This refresh will adhere to our commitment to scientific stewardship and accountability. This RFI has a particular interest in seeking input on novel research needs and approaches in the following focus areas:

  • Harnessing data science and new technologies to drive scientific discovery and precision health
  • Using novel approaches for addressing health disparities and tackling their biological underpinnings for heart, lung, blood diseases, and sleep disorders
  • Leveraging the power of community and patient engagement
  • Furthering the science on the importance of lifestyle behaviors
  • Supporting women’s health through the lifespan
  • Addressing and reducing the impact of “place” (geography, climate, rural/urban, neighborhood) on heart, lung, blood, and sleep health

Input sought includes the following:

Perspective on critical research needs or compelling research questions for any of the refresh focus areas

Perspective on challenges or barriers that need to be addressed to support progress in any of the refresh focus areas

The relevance of the 8 objectives for the NHLBI Strategic Vision and any critical questions or challenges that are not already incorporated into the NHLBI Strategic Vision

For more information, please see the RFI Announcement website.