Reminder – HSC’s COVID-19 Protocols for Team Member and Student Safety

HSC Team and Students,

As COVID-19 cases surge in Texas and nationally, HSC is committed to the safety of our team members and students. We are closely monitoring the situation on campus and continue to adhere to policies and procedures according to the latest guidance from the CDC, state and local authorities.

It is important for everyone to know and understand HSC’s procedures and policies established to keep our campus and people safe. Following these safety guidelines demonstrates living our HSC core values to your colleagues and classmates.

  • Wear a mask. One of the simplest and most important steps we can take to protect one another. Since June 25, face coverings have been required for students, faculty, staff, contractors, tenants and visitors on campus. Please see more detailed information about mask requirements on the UNT System COVID-19 response guidelines.
  • Self-screen every morning. Stay home if you are experiencing ANY potential COVID -19 symptoms. Please see the full list of those symptoms on the CDC website.
  • Report COVID-19 cases. You must report your diagnosis to your supervisor (for employees) or your academic department (for students) and to HSC assesses each positive case to determine if a notification to the campus or a segment of campus is necessary. HSC values your privacy and is following privacy guidelines that allow HSC to keep our workplace and your coworkers safe while still protecting individual privacy as much as possible.
  • Review HSC COVID-19 guidelines. Familiarize yourself with the HSC COVID-19 guidelines. This guidance was created from recommendations by federal, state and local health officials and is critical to our ability to keep our campus healthy and safe. HSC also maintains an updated COVID-19 FAQ section where you can find additional information.

Thank you for joining me in doing our part to help keep our campus safe and healthy.

Be safe, be well!


Dr. Michael R. Williams