Project SYNC

Your teen?s schedule may impact his or her health. Research shows that risk of diabetes is increasing in teens. Your teen?s daily schedule may be contributing to this risk. More and more things pull at your teen?s time possibly resulting in your teen?s internal clock becoming mismatched with society?s clock. Project SYNC is a research intervention study that aims to help teens (ages 13-18) ?re-sync? with society?s clock in order to reduce his or her risk of diabetes. Medications are not used in this study.

If you would like more information or are interested in participating, please call the Sleep Research Lab at (817) 735-2337 or email us at

What will be asked of you and your teen?

-An initial screening will need to be done to determine eligibility.

-If eligible, your teen will meet with research staff members up to 6 additional times over a 13-week period.

-During these visits, your teen will complete study questionnaires and provide a small drop of blood to test their blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels.

-At home, your teen will wear two small devices that measure activity and sleep and complete daily records about his or her daily rhythms.

-Compensation will be provided.