Preparing for the Worst: Best Practices for Emergency Preparedness – FREE Webinar Wednesday February 14 at 10am CT (sponsored by the NNLM SCR)

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region housed at the Gibson D. Lewis Library would like to invite you to join us for the next session of our monthly webinar series.

This monthly 1 hour series will focus on topics of interest to clinicians, researchers, faculty, and information professionals.

Bill Icenogle, Director for Emergency Management at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge will present Preparing for the Worst – Best Practices for Emergency Preparedness at 10am CT on Wednesday, February 14th. Details on joining the meeting are available at the event link below. No registration is required, and the session is free to any interested parties.

Session Description: This presentation is focused on surfacing and discussing some practical “best practices” when considering organizational preparedness and operational resilience. Key points during this brief include: capturing vulnerabilities, mitigation applied, knowing where your agency fits, the value of networking, communications and resource acquisition before and during disasters.