Phani Sree Harsha Gollamudi – Specialized MS Final Defense

The School of Biomedical Sciences will provide refreshments and the following announcement will be posted on weekdays, April 5 – April 11, 2023, in the Daily News.

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Science degree in the School of Biomedical Sciences, Phani Sree Harsha Gollamudi will present a seminar entitled, “Impact of GLUT1 Transporter Knockout in Optic Nerve Head Astrocytes and Retinal Ganglion Cells” on April 11, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. CST in IREB 520. The campus community is invited to attend. A private defense with the advisory committee will immediately follow the seminar.

Phani Sree Harsha Gollamudi is a candidate in Medical Science Research Track, under the supervision of Denise Inman, Ph.D., Professor.