Academic Seminars


Pediatric and Women’s Health Forum
February 25, 2019


12:30 pm
Severe Hypercholesterolemia in Children
Susie Horner, MS, TCOM

12:45 pm
Cholesterol Screening in Children and Young Adults
Don P. Wilson, M.D., FNLA,
Department of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes
Cook Children’s Medical Center
Fort Worth, Texas

The goal of this presentation is to review current recommendations for cholesterol screening in individuals < 40 years of age.
Target Audience
Medical Students and other interested health-care professionals.

Specific Learning Objectives
Following this presentation, the participant should be able to:
• Discuss the role of hypercholesterolemia in cardiovascular disease.
• Describe current recommendations for cholesterol screening in clinical practice.
• List the appropriate ages and suitable methods of cholesterol screening
• Have a better understanding why physicians do not follow clinical practice guidelines.

Key Points
• There is no generally accepted screening program for children, adolescents, and young adults.
• Universal screening, started at age 10 and continued every 5 years thereafter, may help simplify the process for busy clinicians.
• Many feel FH should be the primary goal of cholesterol screening.
• Early recognition of a child or young adult with FH, coupled with therapy from a young age, will impede, if not arrest, the onset of atherosclerosis.

Acknowledgement of all sources of financial support:
Dr. Wilson is a speaker for the Osler Institute, Synageva Biopharma Corp, Insulet Corp, and Alexion, participated in an advisory board of Aegerion and Alexion Pharmaceuticals, participated in an advisory board and educational speaker for Synageva Biopharma Corp, and received research funding from Merck Sharp & Dohme and Novo Nordisk Inc.