Pakistan flood relief fundraiser

Pakistan is currently experiencing a record-breaking natural disaster in the form of floods that are destroying homes, taking lives and creating conditions that are not compatible with human life. As many as 33 million people have been affected and over 1,400 have been killed, one-third of them being children. These people need food, clean drinking water and medical aid for trauma and waterborne illnesses. Most importantly, they need hope that after this is over, they will have the chance to rebuild their lives and all that was lost.

Starting today, we will be raising funds for the victims of the floods. All proceeds will go to the USA branch of Humanity First, an organization on the front lines that is providing aid and support. More info can be found at the link above.

Please Venmo @Stephanie-Elbanna. We are asking for just $5. The cost of an afternoon drink can mean food for a family for weeks. If you are able to donate more or less- whatever you can – it will go toward a greater good. This fundraiser will run from today until Friday, September 30th.

We will also be holding a bake sale in the MET Lobby on Thursday, September 22nd, from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Homemade chai tea cookies and cream cheese cake cookies will be available. All proceeds will go toward victims of this unimaginable tragedy.

For more information, please refer back to updates from Humanity First and if you have any questions about our events and other ways that you can help impact those who are suffering from these floods or other displaced populations that are now settled in DFW, reach out to Stephanie Elbanna at

Thank you for your time.

Hosted by Refugee Health Initiative, South Asian Medical Student Association and the Islamic Student Association