Optional On Demand Professional Development Training – Perception Checking

HSC HR Welcomes you to weekly optional on demand virtual trainings. Topics covered include having difficult conversations, effective meeting strategies and HSC Staff Flexible Work arrangement information. We will share a new topic and link every Monday in the Daily News. We are excited to be on this journey with you. HSC.HR@untsystem.edu #WorkAtHSC

Perception Checking Have you ever heard the notion: “Perception is reality”? Are you willing to engage in an intentional, strategic process to ensure that the way you perceive and are perceived by, others, is actually an accurate assessment? Perception checking is a process that helps individuals decode messages more accurately and reduces defensiveness and the potential for conflict. This is significant in both personal and professional relationships. Learning Objectives: During this professional development session, participants will: 1) Gain insight into the process of perception checking and the benefits of engaging in it 2) Recognize the potential of perception checking to improve relationship quality 3) Practice perception checking through reflecting on, and creating, scenarios.