Optional On Demand Professional Development Training – How to Manage Your Emotions

HSC HR Welcomes you to weekly optional on demand virtual trainings. Topics covered include having difficult conversations, effective meeting strategies and HSC Staff Flexible Work arrangement information. We will share a new topic and link every Monday in the Daily News. We are excited to be on this journey with you. HSC.HR@untsystem.edu #WorkAtHSC

Emotions guide our behavior (sometimes productively and sometimes not). Emotions, even positive ones, can cause us to make impulsive and sometimes irrational decisions. Emotions are often a signal, however, they don’t solve problems. If not expressed constructively, emotions can drain energy and damage relationships. It is important to learn how to handle emotions effectively, controlling one’s thoughts about a situation, and creating healthy work relationships. Learning Objectives • Recognize the messages our emotions send us. • Reframe our thinking & replace emotional outbursts with productive confrontations. • Learn how to recover from other’s emotional outbursts. • Employ long-term strategies to channel emotions productively.