Office of the Controller news — Name change, additional form for payment

UNT System Office of the Controller sent this email on Friday, Sept. 9, 2016:
Dear colleagues:

Based on the feedback we received from customers at our member institutions, the Accounts Payable (AP) department has made minor changes to the Check Request Form, and is also implementing a new form that will improve efficiency in the reporting process and expedite the payment process.

The changes include:

  1. Changed the form name from Check Request Form to Payment Request Form

  2. Created a new form for Inter-Agency ACH/EFT payments only

You may begin using these forms on Thursday, Sept. 15. They can be found in the Payment and Travel Forms section on our new website:

Both forms are also hyperlinked below.

Payment Request Form (Formerly Check Request Form):

This form may be used for making payments to outside vendors either through a check or ACH/EFT, depending on the vendor payment method set-up. It should not be used for making purchase payments. All purchases should be made using a Purchasing Card or an ePro Requisition.

Inter-Agency Payment Request Form:

This form should be used for payments within the two business entities. For example, if UNT Dallas ordered printing services with UNT and would like to make a payment for the services, UNT Dallas may complete this new Inter-Agency Payment Request Form and submit it to Accounts Payable for making payment. Using this form will move funds from UNT Dallas to UNT bank accounts and accounting transactions will be recorded in the General Ledger.

As always, thank you for your feedback. Your opinions are important to us, and we are continually striving to adjust our processes to provide you with resources that best meet your needs.

Should you have any questions, please contact Abdul Mohammad at or call 940.369.5650.