NTERI Interdisciplinary Seminar Series

The North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI) is proud to announce its newly developed Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, NTERI/ISS (https://www.unthsc.edu/north-texas-eye-research-institute/nteri-seminar-series/). NTERI/ISS was created to address topics relevant to basic and translational sciences that are not fully covered elsewhere at HSC. Seminars are scheduled monthly (September through May), and are approximately one (1) hour in duration. Seminars emphasize networking and learning opportunities for faculty, students, and trainees. Seminars feature a scientific lecture followed by small group discussions, which are moderated solely by students and trainees (no faculty members allowed). These small group discussions promote active networking, learning and help students/trainees develop competencies allowing them to integrate seminar content with their own research experiences.

For FY23, NTERI/ISS has engaged regional experts to present on research topics including vision, aging, microcirculation, and developmental biology. Further, NTERI/ISS is designed to promote interprofessional learning opportunities applicable to all HSC schools, students and faculty members, seminars will also cover topics including health economics and disparities, health behavior, forensics, and more.

Additionally, NTERI is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas which allows their faculty, students, and trainees to join us for all seminars and discussions. This collaboration promotes robust scientific discussion, networking, and lays the groundwork for future collaborations between UT Southwestern Medical Center and NTERI.

We will take suggestions for speakers for the FY24 and FY25 Seminar Series; please contact Brenda Vasini ( Brenda.Vasinirosell@unthsc.edu ) for more information.