November is National Career Development Month!

As we enter the month of November, the HSC Career Center joins the National Career Development Association (NCDA) in recognizing the importance career development through the annual celebration of “National Career Development Month.” As members of the professional community, and part of the human experience in earning a living, the career development process is a significant lifelong endeavor. For all of us, our chosen profession and the trajectory in which we pursue it helps us to define “who we are” and plays a major role in determining our quality of life.

At UNTHSC, we have identified six Career Readiness Skills (aka, “Marketable Skills”) that are valued by employers and can be applied in a variety of work and other professional settings. A truly robust professional career development plan includes much more than just academic accomplishments and technical acumen. Therefore, the Career Center encourages all students to take some time to reflect and consider your own plan and to explore the various dimensions of Career Readiness. Be sure and visit the Career Readiness website for more information regarding how you can develop and apply these skills:

Yes, circumstances have not been typical over recent months for participation in more traditional, in-person career development experiences. So what can students do to continue developing Career Readiness skills? There are numerous self-directed and “virtual-friendly” activities that are always available, including:

• Update your CV or resume
• Develop your LinkedIn page
• Pursue a Microcredential (
• Set up “informational interviews” (virtually) with professionals in your discipline as well as other related professions
• Practice interview question in Big Interview (
• Create a strategic job search plan, with specific objectives and key results with an established timeline
• Get involved in intercultural education activities and organizations
• And so much more!

For assistance in developing your personal career development plan and refining your Career Readiness skills, visit the HSC Career Center at to access resources or to set up an appointment with a career advisor, or contact us at