Notice of Special Interest: Using Targeted Degradation of Protein and non-Protein Targets for the Development of Novel Anti-Infectives

Notice Number: NOT-AI-23-049

Earliest Application Date: October 3, 2023

The purpose of this NOSI is to invite applications for research on the use of targeted protein and nonprotein degradation (e.g., RNA) as it relates to the development of anti-infective strategies against viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens and/or their toxins (e.g., Lethal and Edema Toxins of Bacillus anthracis). Both novel monofunctional (e.g., Molecular Glues) and hetero-bi/tri-functional (e.g., PROTAC or PROTAC-like) strategies will be considered.

Research Objectives
To support discovery and development of compounds that promote targeted protein degradation (TPD) and, where appropriate, non-protein targets (e.g., RNA), of viral, bacterial or fungal pathogen components including targeting mechanisms integral for the replication, growth, survival or virulence of a pathogen including toxin or toxin-related targets (e.g., toxin receptors) as novel anti-infectives.

For more information, please see the opportunity announcement website.