Notice of Special Interest: Advancing Research to Address the Heterogeneity of Obesity Risk, Related Health Outcomes, and Response to Treatment

Notice Number: NOT-HL-23-090

Deadline: October 05, 2023

This Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) aims to increase research to understand the heterogeneity of obesity phenotypes and the underlying mechanisms that protect against or increase risk for obesity and obesity-associated conditions. The objective of this NOSI is to support research applications that address knowledge and portfolio gaps regarding the role of obesity in disease development. Understanding the heterogeneity of obesity is necessary for precision and targeted implementation of obesity prevention and treatment interventions. Responsive proposals would include those aiming to investigate biological or nonbiological mechanisms through which adiposity differentially affects health. Other responsive applications might include those evaluating heterogeneity in response to obesity prevention and treatment, based on biological (e.g., genetic), behavioral, and/or racial/ethnic factors.

For more information, please see the funding announcement website.