NIH Funding Opportunity: Addressing HIV in Highest Risk Sexual and Gender Minorities

NOFO: RFA-DA-25-001

Letter of Intent: July 14, 2024
Application: August 14, 2024


This initiative will support epidemiologic, intervention, or implementation research that increases public health capacity to reduce the number of new HIV infections among sexual and gender minority (SGM) persons. Consideration should be given to HIV as a syndemic including comorbidities such as sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis C virus, and psychiatric disorder. Studies that address social and structural health determinants and their consequences such as homelessness, criminal justice involvement or forms of intersectional stigma also are welcome. Intervention studies can include individuals, couples, peers, providers and/or health care systems as their primary foci. Research is invited that adds substance use content to existing, widely used evidence-based HIV interventions, as well as novel intervention approaches that provide new ways of addressing substance use among SGM persons. Research that makes use of existing clinical data, including modeling research is encouraged if it can inform the design of more effective future intervention approaches for SGM persons who use substances, as well as research that can inform ascertainment and intervention among SGM persons who use substances in HIV outbreaks.

For more information, please see the funding opportunity website.