NIDA Funding Opportunity: Microglial Pathophysiology in Comorbid Substance Use Disorder and HIV

Funding Opportunity Number: RFA-DA-25-014

Deadline: August 21, 2024


The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is seeking research applications that will apply cutting-edge quantitative protein profiling approaches to discover and define mechanistic roles for altered protein interaction networks in microglia in the context of HIV and substance use disorder (SUD). A responsive application will address progressive aims over two distinct phases of innovation and investigation: In the R61 phase, plans should address the application of quantitative analytical approaches to measure protein interaction networks in microglia and compare the effects of HIV infection and drug exposure, in isolation and in the presence of other relevant cell types; in the R33 phase, applications should detail how those methods will be extended to the analysis of protein interaction networks and cell signaling dynamics in microglia utilizing in vivo models of comorbid SUD and HIV.

For more information, please see the funding opportunity website.