New President’s Council members announced

During the Dec. 10, 2019, President’s Cabinet meeting, 12 new President’s Council members were selected to replace those whose terms have expired.

There were 47 applications submitted for the 11 open council seats. We share our gratitude with all of you who were willing to help HSC achieve its mission and vision by serving on a council. As you know, the five President’s Councils were launched in January 2017 to help increase team member input, transparency and communication of decisions affecting the UNTHSC team.

The councils are led by: Academic Council, Dr. Charles Taylor; Built Environment Council, Jason Hartley; Finance and Budget Council, Greg Anderson; People and Culture Council, Dr. Dennis Thombs; and Research Council, Dr. Brian Gladue.

Here are the new council members – all will serve from Jan. 1, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2022. Full Council information may be found here:

The councils will receive their charges for their FY20 focus areas soon.

Academic Council
• Nicoleta Bugnariu, Vice Provost, Professor, Academic Affairs
• Katy Kemp, Executive Director, Clinical Education, Academic Health Centers
• Teresa Wagner, Assistant Professor, Lifestyle Health Sciences

Built Environment Council
• Rebecca Cunningham, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Finance and Budget Council
• Monte Cason, Deputy Compliance Officer
• Britni Jacobsen-Bridges, Senior Academic & Business Director, GSBS and SHP
• A.J. Randolph, Vice President, Finance and Administration, UNTHSC Clinical Practice
• Geoffrey Scarpelli, Vice President, Finance & Planning

People and Culture Council
• Jennifer Cihlar, Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics

Research Council
• Leslie Crosdale, Director, International Services, Student Affairs
• Gulab Zode, Associate Professor, Pharmacology & Neuroscience
• Suresh Madhavan, Dean, College of Pharmacy

For Councils without Faculty Senate representation, an ex officio, non-voting attendee will be selected by the Faculty Senate President and the respective Council Chair.

We look forward to the contributions of all the Council members in 2020.