New Funding Opportunity: American Diabetes Association

American Diabetes Foundation: 2023 Pathway to Stop Diabetes®

Pathway to Stop Diabetes has a simple, yet revolutionary goal: to find scientists at the peak of their creativity and provide them with the flexibility and resources they need on the road to breakthrough discoveries. We attract and retain brilliant scientists in diabetes. Our three areas of focus—awarding research grants, providing access to scientific and career mentoring from leading diabetes researchers, and creating a diabetes think tank—are each key components of a unique formula to cultivate the next generation of leaders, whose discoveries will stop diabetes and all of its burdens once and for all. Pathway provides crucial support to individuals focusing on innovative ideas and transformational approaches that will lead to ground-breaking discoveries in diabetes prevention, management and cures.

Initiator Award: Postdoctoral Fellow

    • Deadline: August 1, 2023
    • Award Term: Up to 7 years
    • Maximum Funding: Up to $100,000/year in Phase 1, Up to $325,000/year in Phase 2

Accelerator Award: Early Career Faculty

    • Deadline: August 1, 2023
    • Award Term: Up to 5 years
    • Maximum Funding: $325,000/year

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