Nation Custodian Day

Greetings Campus Community!

Your friendly neighborhood Custodial Manager here. October 2nd is National Custodial Worker’s Day. Please join me in recognizing the silent heroes on our campus. They operate behind the scenes working various shifts before we show up to work or class, and stay late well after we leave. The often underappreciated work must be done and we have a great team that takes care of various tasks around campus that keep us safe. From pulling trash, cleaning, dusting, scrubbing, and buffing to biohazard disposal, disinfection, and glass removal, the work of a custodian never stops. The custodians are often the ones who first respond to emergencies such as spills or floods, which help contain damage and reduce cost.

When recognizing the teams, I would also like to recognize their leaders. The Senior Custodians and Custodial Forepersons supervise and manage the teams. The daily coordination of the work along with multiple projects and last minute emergencies is no easy task. There is much more I can say for this amazing team, but I will end with this: custodial work is not fun, but working with such a great group of people is. I’m incredibly grateful for their efforts and I cannot show enough appreciation for the work they do. Please take the time today to show your appreciation to them. Thank you.

Marc Melanson
Manager, Custodial Services